More Information about Public Private Partnership Indonesia

Public private partnership Indonesia plays the big part in expanding the infrastructure in Indonesia. PT SMI is the government company that is related with the infrastructure development. This company has a vision to be the primary catalyst in speeding up the development of Indonesia’s infrastructure. Form that mission we know that the main goal of PT SMI is helping Indonesia to be the better country in the infrastructure sector. It is common to know that infrastructure is the important factor to be fixed to become the leading country. Meanwhile, the mission of this company is becoming the best partner in building up the infrastructure. Besides, it also provides the financing products that are very flexible to get. And of course it also offers the good service so that it can become the good government company.

Besides those vision and mission of the company, to make it become the best public private partnership Indonesia, it also has corporate value that is applied in the company. The corporate value of this company is called as I-sprint and it stands for integrity, service excellence, partnership, innovation and trust. Those fives value is core price of the company. Integrity means that the company makes the government as the priority and works with good characters. Meanwhile, service excellence means that the company puts the customers’ satisfaction as the first priority so that’s why it will give the best service for the customers. The other value is partnership. It represents that the company will make the good relations and partnership in order to reach the vision and mission. The next one is innovation. The company will find the innovative way and solution in developing the projects to get the better result. And the last is trust. However, even the company has good service and good innovation but if they do not have trust from the customers, it will be useless. Because of this reason, this company tries its best to get the customers’ trust. We can say that this is the most important value of the company.

If you want to know more about this public private partnership Indonesia that focus on the infrastructure, you can read for the details in the website. There is much information that is available for you. That begins from the vision and mission that is mentioned before. There is also the brief description about the company, the core pillars, the business strategy and etc. If you still do not get the point, you can check for the frequent asking question column.


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