Details Reviews of Public Private Partnership Indonesia

Public private partnership Indonesia is one of the government partnerships that can help Indonesia develop the economic and infrastructure sectors. However, those two factors are the important issues for the country that is Indonesia. If the country has the good infrastructure, the society will easily increase their economy factors. Nowadays, the infrastructure is still not in good condition, so many things have to be fixed to be better. Many people are worry and confuse to get the good job and confuse about how to get the good income to live their family. Because of that reason, it is good to know that our government has the certain company to focus in the infrastructure problems. One of them is PT SMI. This company has good vision, mission and strategy to help the government in fixing and making the leading infrastructure.

To play the role of the company and to face the challenges, this company has three main pillars to realize all the vision and the missions. The first pillar of the company is financing and investment. The major role business of the company is providing the infrastructure finance. This is involves the sector of the telecommunication, transportation, gas infrastructure, road, waste water, water supply and irrigation. All of those sectors are the important sectors that should receive more attention from public private partnership Indonesia. Besides those sectors there are still other sectors that is mentioned and agreed by the Minister of Finance. There are some products that are offered for this pillar. Some of them are term loan, mezzanine loan, bridge loan, working capital loan, subordinated loan and etc. to know more details about all of those kinds of loan that you can get from the company; you can read for the details on the website.

The other pillar of the company is advisory. The main goal of this pillar is helping the customers to enlarge their investment strongly in infrastructure factors by providing the advisory and consultancy of those things professionally. Besides, this company also gives solution to the problems that the customers faced. Moreover, the company will give the assistance in how to plan the business, to take the decision, to plan the financial and the other services. All of those things that are very important for the customers will be given professionally in order to get the better national infrastructure. The professional expertise is the one who will give this advisory for the customers.


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