PT. SMI and Its PPP Indonesia Involvement

The Public-Private Partnership Indonesia or well known as PPP Indonesia is one of the projects that have been developed continously in Indonesia. PT. Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) or better known as PT. SMI is one of the government-owned company developing the PPP projects across the country. This company has its business on the field of infrastructure financing. This company was established on February 26th 2009 and the shares of the company are completely owned by the Indonesian government under the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. PT. SMI has important roles which are very effective and strategic to develop the infrastructure development of Indonesia. To complete that, PT. SMI has the role to promote and to support the development of PPP Indonesia or also known as Public-Private Partnership Indonesia. Below is more information about it.

The Importance of PT. SMI’s PPP Projects

  1. SMI has played an active role in supporting the development of Public-Private Partnership. The PPP projects that have been done by PT. SMI is such as Soekarno Hatta Airport Railway, SPAM Umbulan, and many more. PPP projects like those projects are important to improve the basic infrastructure projects in Indonesia. Beside of that, it is believed that someday the economy stability of Indonesia will grow better and it will create the stability for all of the people of Indonesia. That is why PT. SMI is commited to always support the basic infrastructure projects in Indonesia. With that money, people of Indonesia will be able to get better supply and access of water, communication, energy, and sanitation.

How to Contact PT. SMI?

Just because PT. SMI is a goverment-owned company, it does not mean that it will be difficult to contact PT. SMI. To contact the company, all you have to do is visit the head office located in the 8th floor of Wisma GKBI, Jenderal Sudirman street 28, Jakarta. There you will get a lot of services you need such as financing advertisement, advisory, and project development. The financing and investment products of PT. SMI are bridge loan, equity investment, promoter financing, mezzanine loan, take out financing, subordinated loan, working capital loan, and so on. The product of PT. SMI in the advisory sector is giving training and capacity building, transaction of advisory services, and financial and investment services of advisory and the product of PT. SMI in the program development sector is giving project development facilities, capacity building, and also giving advisory to tendering agencies and also contracting agencies including the advisory of PPP Indonesia.


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