PT. SMI and Its PPP Indonesia Involvement

The Public-Private Partnership Indonesia or well known as PPP Indonesia is one of the projects that have been developed continously in Indonesia. PT. Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) or better known as PT. SMI is one of the government-owned company developing the PPP projects across the country. This company has its business on the field of infrastructure financing. This company was established on February 26th 2009 and the shares of the company are completely owned by the Indonesian government under the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. PT. SMI has important roles which are very effective and strategic to develop the infrastructure development of Indonesia. To complete that, PT. SMI has the role to promote and to support the development of PPP Indonesia or also known as Public-Private Partnership Indonesia. Below is more information about it. Continue reading


Public Private Partnership

Have you ever heard about Public Private Partnership or PPP Indonesia before? Well, this kind of financing organization involves private sectors and government. The schemes are usually well known for PPP. The PPP is generally between the government and private party or sectors to finish a certain infrastructure project. Let’s find out the meaning and definition below! Continue reading

More Information about Public Private Partnership Indonesia

Public private partnership Indonesia plays the big part in expanding the infrastructure in Indonesia. PT SMI is the government company that is related with the infrastructure development. This company has a vision to be the primary catalyst in speeding up the development of Indonesia’s infrastructure. Form that mission we know that the main goal of PT SMI is helping Indonesia to be the better country in the infrastructure sector. It is common to know that infrastructure is the important factor to be fixed to become the leading country. Meanwhile, the mission of this company is becoming the best partner in building up the infrastructure. Besides, it also provides the financing products that are very flexible to get. And of course it also offers the good service so that it can become the good government company. Continue reading